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The Why?

Don't Wanna Miss Productions is ready to catapult to a new dimension. DWMP has proven success with stage plays and would now like to expand our services into film production. 

Our goal is to produce a motion picture in partnership with Conquering the Obstacles of Painful Experiences, that will entertain, educate, inspire, uplift, and refresh the spirit of true independent filmmaking through provocative story-telling. Conquering the Obstacles of Painful Experiences was created to offer guidance, support, teach coping skills, foster emotional development, counsel, empower and encourage children, youth and adults who have experienced obstacles from painful or traumatic life experiences C.O.P.E. offers seminars, workshops, therapeutic and social services that assist individuals in taking what seemed to be a negative roadblocks or obstacles in life and using them as steppingstones to greatness.

Our first movie production will be “Case Closed”. In 1995, at the age of 16, I was brutally raped by a stranger that broke into my home. 15 years of silence passed. In 2010 I received a phone call from the police, notifying me that my rape kit sat in a room for over 10 years untested. Though traumatized by this news, I was comforted to know, out of over 4000 thousand kits, finally tested, my kit was one of the first to come back with a DNA match, which lead to the closing of my rape case from 1995.  

Based on recent data from Mental Health America, there is an estimated 350 individuals to every one mental health professional. As a survivor and a clinical therapist, I have learned that many people may never enter a therapist office, but they will attend a play or a movie. I believe my story of trauma turned to triumph will encourage, uplift, and inspire all who see it. I believe the worlds needs real life examples, of real people, who have overcome trauma and are living victorious lives.

As DWMP expands into screenplays, there is a unique opportunity to impact mental health positively, inspire, encourage and uplift so many people that are hurting by producing the movie Case Closed.

Through the production of the film, “Case Closed”, DWMP intends to help all viewers to A.R.I.S.E.

A-Bring Awareness: DWMP would like bring awareness to the impact of not only sexual trauma, but any type of trauma on a person’s life. This awareness will be demonstrated not only from Casondra’s lived experience, but also from a research based clinical perspective, as Casondra is a licensed clinical social worker.
R-Encourage Responsibility: Support the end the backlog campaign that is helping to hold police departments responsible for the thousands of rape kits that are backlogged across the country.
I-Improve Outcomes: Provide clinical tools through the platform of entertainment, that can aid in the advancement of improving mental health outcomes in the black community and ultimately the world. DWMP will use the film to address depression and anxiety, through the lens of a teenager and her single mother who are surrounded by poverty.
S-Stimulate: Stimulate viewers to advocate for judicial changes and to seek help for their mental health needs.
E-Edutain- The term edutainment has been utilized since the early 1940’s and has roots from the understanding of combining entertainment and education to provide an intervention based on the theme of the entertaining story. The dramatic role-playing process allows participants to experience vicariously that which the other may be living through. DWMP will not only educate viewers about trauma, mental health and healing, but entertain all who view the film Case Closed.


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