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We Need Your Help!

One of the biggest hurdles DWMP has had to face is having access to capital.


When I decided to release my first stage play Case Closed under DWMP, I had no startup capital. To overcome this hurdle, I decided to self-fund my first stage play to build partnerships, gain exposure, build the DWMP brand and raise funds for future productions.

On January 30, 2016, over 900 people gathered at the Stafford Civic Center, in Stafford, Texas to experience the groundbreaking stage play and theatrical book release of Case Closed, written, and directed by myself. The stage play was a unique partnership between DWMP and C.O.P.E., combining my passion for the performing arts with my clinical skills demonstrating on stage, how to use life obstacles as steppingstones to greatness.


I offered this play for FREE to the community. That’s right for FREE! Donations were collected at the end of the play, vendor tables were sold, and an add booklet was created for business owners to market in the playbill. This allowed DWMP to raise capital for future productions. 

I am seeking your support as a sponsor to raise capital for the production of Case Closed the Movie.

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