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Case Closed Play Bill.jpg

Confused, hurt, traumatized, embarrassed, ashamed.........

All the things this 16 year old felt in 1995 after being raped by a stranger that broke into her home. A stranger that got away with something that she was always taught was the most valuable possession of a young lady; her virginity.

Determined not to allow her past to control her present; with all of the unanswered questions of why me, will justice ever be served, is he still out there, will their paths ever cross, she decided to forgive and move forward with her life.

Unbeknownst to her, her rape kit sat in a room at the police department untested for 15 years. One phone call changed 15 years of unanswered questions to sudden fear, an emotional roller coaster and eventually an indescribable peace. Case Closed is a  story of healing, forgiveness and justice. This play is based on true events.




A story of two worlds turned upside down by divorce. They could have allowed emotional abuse and turmoil to cause them to turn away from God and never choose love again, but God had a different plan. They embarked on a journey of hope, healing and restoration, not knowing their pain would lead them to their purpose. Together they show the world, what the enemy meant for evil God turn it around for good. This stage play is inspired by true events.


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